Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Selling a house and a home

A few month's back we decided to sell our old Victorian house in Natick, MA. It was a tough call; we bought the place as a renovation project 8 years ago and have spent a lot of time and energy bringing it into the 21st Century. A while back we pulled the deed history and found that only 3 other people had owned the place before us, and the house was built in about 1885. It still has most of the original features, and every time we pull a wall down we unearth layer upon layer of old wallpaper over the horse hair plaster. In the back yard we've dug up old patent medicine bottle from the 1890s. It's a great old house and I'll miss it.

If you know anyone that's looking to move to the western suburbs of Boston, here's the link.

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Shane Adams said...

Yeah, it's pretty sad when we sell the homes we live in, and eight years is a pretty long time. It's cool that the house is quite old; since 1885, people who're searching for homes might be interested in that. Asking your real estate agent about it might be useful, and hope you sell the house!