Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A definitive list of social media measurement & metrics tools?

(Updated December 2, 2011)

Last week Jeremiah Owyang at the Altimeter Group, along with his colleague John Lovett, published a nice report on social media analytics. It's a very useful framework for thinking through how to measure the rights things, which in turn will focus attention on the right kinds of activities.

But how to measure? Way back in 2006, Owyang took a snapshot of the companies that offer tools for social media metrics, and came up with a list of forty-two firms. In the last week I've trawled the web to update his list (and thanks to Ken Burbary for a nice wiki list of different tools), and come up with an astonishing 82 firms that offer some kind of social media measurement solution. And I'm pretty sure I've missed a bunch.

Help me update and correct the list. Please send me your additions, along with any other comments on these tools, and I'll post an update. If there's enough interest, I'll also try and categorize these solutions better -- there's certainly a lot of diversity in this list.


Updated: February 11 2011

Company Comments
Alterian SMM
Appinions SMM
Andiamo Systems SMM
Attensity SMM
Attentio Multilingual
Beyond Analysis Gone
Beevolve SMM
Biz360 Acquired by Attensity.
BrandIntel Gone
Brandwatch Brand monitoring
BurrellesLuce SMM
Buzzcapture SMM
BuzzGain Meltwater Group Product
BuzzLogic Now TwelveFold Media
BuzzNumbers SMM
CIC Business Consulting BI tool Chinese market
Cision SMM + other tools
Collective Intellect SMM
ComMetric Mapping to financial data and stock tickers
Converseon Agency with some tools
Cover-All Technologies No longer supporting SMM
Crimson Hexagon SMM
CustomScoop SMM
CyberAlert SMM
Cyveillance Brand monitoring, QinetiQ company
Cymfony SMM + other tools
Dow Jones & Company Insight SMM + other tools
EchoMetrix Gone
eCairn SaaS metrics solution
EmPower Research Custom technology solutions
Evolve24 SMM
Jive FilterBox product.
HowSociable Free gadget
Imooty SMM
Infegy Brand monitoring
Integrasco SMM
Intelligence Technologies Gone out of business
JamIQ Asian languages
J.D. Power and Associates acquired Umbria
Jodange See Appinions
No longer supporting SMM
Kaava Corporation Marketing services, some SMM
KDPaine and Partners No tools but strong analysis
ListenLogic social CRM?
Lexalytics Sentiment detection
Linkfluence French language
Lithium Social CRM
Market Sentinel Brand monitoring
mBlast SMM
MediaBadger Consulting firm with tools
MediaHound SMM competitive intelligence
MediaMiser Media monitoring
Meltwater News Media monitoring
MetaTale Gone.
Metrica Multilingual, part of Gorkana Group
Millward Brown Precis
Moreover technologies SMM
Netemic SMM
NetEquity Gone.
New Media Strategies
No longer supporting SMM
Nielsen Online NetRatings
Onalytica SMM
PRMetrics Free customizable social media portal
Radian6 SMM, acquired by SalesForce.com
Relevant Noise See Zeta Interactive
Report International Brand monitoring
RepuMetrix Brand monitoring
ReputationHQ Gone
SAS Business intelligence tool with SM
SamePoint Gone
Scanblog Gone.
ScoutLabs See Lithium
Sentiment Metrics Not just sentiment
Socialarc SMM
SocialMention Social search engine
Statsit No longer Relevant
Synthesio Multilingual
Sysomos Business intelligence tool
Tealium No longer relevant
ThoughtBuzz SMM
TraceBuzz SMM
Trackur SMM
Thomson Reuters BuzzAnalytics and OpinionAnalystics
UberVU Now Crimson Hexagon
ViralHeat SMM, Free API
Visible Technologies SMM
VMS Gone
Vocus SMM
WaveMetrix SMM
Zeta Interactive Relevant Noise product for SMM


Anonymous said...

You for got me! KDPaine & Partners -- I've been measuring social media since 1996.
Also SAS has just released the ultimate social media measurement tool SAS Social Media Analytics

Anonymous said...

You also missed mBlast, MediaHound, Meltwater News, SAP/SimplyBox and prmetrics.com

Jim Tobin at Ignite Social Media said...

Are you missing Sysomos from this? They have both their Heartbeat and MAP tools. Pretty good stuff.

Also, you can find the SAS tool that KD mentioned here: http://www.sas.com/software/customer-intelligence/social-media-analytics/

Ian Bruce said...

KDP, my apologies - you're actually on my original list but somehow you dropped. I'll add you.

Anonymous, thanks for the adds.

Jim - thanks for the adds. Keep the comments coming - I'm amazed by the quantity and variety of tools available, and would like to get this list to a point where it could become a useful selection tool.

Michelle C said...

Hi Ian,
Just wanted to say thanks for including us ;)
Your right that there is a lot of diversity in this list!
Our clients usually want to monitor social media in multiple languages but also for different reasons (a campaign, a crisis, for alerts) and we customize our projects for their needs. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions, if you'd like, as well Ian : @MiChmski or @Synthesio and michelle @synthesio.com will all get you to me :)

Best, Michelle @Synthesio

Sam Flemming said...

CIC is definitely still around.... www.ciccorporate.com (site) www.seeisee.com/sam (blog)

Joseph Fiore said...

Hi Ian,

Meant to chime in earlier but didn't get around to it until now.

First off, thank-you kindly for the mention. I also wanted to take a moment to help with correcting the great resource you've compiled.

The company name is actually RepuMetrix, and in the brand reputation and social media monitoring categories we've got two tools/service offerings - one is RepuTrace™ (which you've already included) and the other is RepuTrack™.

If you or any visitors of your site are interested in finding out more, feel free to contact us anytime through our Website or via Twitter.


Hyoun Park said...

One of my favorite newcomers in this space is in our backyard: Crimson Hexagon.

Alexandra said...

We're also part of the business! :)
You can find us at www.uberVU.com.

We're tracking important mentions in real time, we build conversations by monitoring relevant reactions to those mention, and we also give you sentiment and distribution over social platforms.

Also, very good idea of yours to compile this thorough list of tools. It will surely help people.

Ian Bruce said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments, corrections and additions. In the next week I'll update the list. I'll also try and expand it to give more information about what each product can do.

Anonymous said...

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Kelly Rusk said...

I'm late to the party here--but you've listed MediaMiser as possibly acquired--this is definitely not true! :)

We are a Canadian-based media monitoring and analysis solution with social media analysis capabilities, and the ability to analyze social and traditional media with each other.

Our solution is also completely bilingual (English & French) and we offer complete services as well.

Feel free to contact me with any further question: kelly@mediamiser.com

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It is Meltwater Buzz instead of Meltwater News that monitors social media. The link is here http://www.meltwater.com/products/meltwater-buzz/

Zak said...

Thanks for including Moreover Technologies in your list, looks very comprehensive!

Ian Bruce said...

Thanks again for all the comments and corrections.

I plan to keep adding detail to the lists over time. One question I have: How do you categorize social media monitoring tools? How's the market broken down?

Goldee Udani said...

Hi Ian,

You might want to add Beevolve to the list of Social Media Monitoring & Analytics vendors.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be not working? Does anybody here at ianbruce.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?


Sam said...

Try Actionly for affordable option to Social Media Monitoring. Plans range from free to $100/mo. We have recently integrated with Google analytics and track your Social Media ROI. Actionly also does Brand tracking across Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Flickr, YouTube etc and also allow managing multiple Twitter or Facebook accounts from our dashboard.
Schedulable reports, Email alerts, Sentiment analysis and many more are included in our featured list.
Try us out we do have a FREE account as well. Thx!

Anonymous said...

Lewis (no relation) PR's Chatterscope www.chatterscope.com for tracking twitter sentiment is missing from your list.

Sal Giliberto said...

One more to add: http://www.awarenessnetworks.com

Would be happy to review it with you if interested. Thanks!

Ian Bruce said...

Thanks Sal and others for the comments. I plan to update the list again in the next month.